Looking back on the early years of Sweet Cup Gelato

The woman who inspires me daily; me and my Mom.

The woman who inspires me daily; me and my Mom.

This year marks seven years for Sweet Cup Gelato and Sorbet Originale of creating,

learning, and growing with the communities we serve in Houston, TX. One of my goals this year is to tell

our story—the story of our origins; the story behind my flavors and menu items; what

inspires me; and why I love what we do. It’s only fitting to begin by telling you how an

idea blossomed from my mom’s words of strength and how I admire her maternal

abilities to make something beautiful out of what we had. These memories are

inspiration that fuel my heart every day. I do my best to honor my mother and all of my

family by sharing a piece of our roots and recipes in my gelato.

I hope you’ll continue to journey with us, and I’m so grateful that you’re here.

It all started when I visited Europe and fell in love with Italy. I fell in love with the

language as my husband and I strolled down the cobblestone streets; I fell in love with

the people and the culture; and naturally, I fell in love with the gelato.

Back home, I couldn’t find the Italian gelato I so dearly loved, so I decided to learn how

to make it. I read every book I could find, studied dairy science, and bought myself a

Cuisinart ice cream maker to begin experimenting.

My expertise grew with every batch I made. I brought batches to dinner parties, and

family and friends began to rally around my new craft. They told me I could open my own

shop, and a dream was born.

In 2010, I took my next step and went to Bologna, Italy to study the art of gelato and

frozen dessert making. I loved every second and realized how far I’d come from the

Cuisinart days. I came home with an education, refined skills, and a burning passion to

develop my ideas into recipes.

Fast forward to 2011; I stumbled on an abandoned ice cream shop for lease off

Montrose Boulevard—one of my favorite neighborhoods of Houston. I immediately

contacted the leasing managers and they immediately told me no. They told me no

several times and eventually stopped taking my call. I returned week after week to try

and sell them on my dream. And week after week, they told me no.

But I persisted. I met with Claire Smith, owner of next-door Woodbar, Canopy, and Alice

Blue, to tell her my story. With that meeting, I convinced Smith and she vouched for me

and my dreams. The next day, the landlords gave me a 5-minute meeting, and I finally

landed my scoop shop space.

The flavors that I create for that very scoop shop, and now our second scoop shop in

Garden Oaks, all come from inspiration and values that my mother and father instilled in

me; the experiences I’ve endured; the travels I’ve journeyed; and the lessons and

memories from growing up in Texas.

One memory that I dearly love is the memory of my mother’s orange peel cookies. As

kids, my brother and I would beg for chocolate chip cookies, but our mom would to tell

us no because we couldn’t afford to buy chocolate chips. Instead, mom promised us

something else. Our family had oranges that week and mom took the orange peels,

cooked them down, and then candied them to make a simple and savory cookie.

To this day, these cookies are one of my favorites because of its humble beginnings.

Our family grew up poor, without simple luxuries and sometimes even necessities, and

these cookies are just one example of my mom’s creative nurture.

One of our favorite flavors is the Pomegranate Rose. The pomegranate fruit is prevalent

in Persian cooking—my mom’s home country—and rose water is a staple in desserts. It

makes me laugh thinking back as a kid and hating the dishes my mom would make with

these flavors and her telling me, “open your mind and it’ll open so many doors.”

Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I can’t help but feel like mom was right all those

years ago and that her spirit and determination is what helped me open that very first

door on Montrose Boulevard.

Jasmine Chida, owner of Sweet Cup Gelato & Sorbet Originale, scooping the Pomegranate Rose flavor (photos by Christina Martinez).