Established in 2012 | Local Gelato & Sorbet with a Texas Flair | Over 200 flavors | Handcrafted in #HTX

We're a local business, built from the ground up in Houston, Texas.
We pride ourselves in creating a product that represents and celebrates the culinary diversity of Texas!


Gelato & Sorbet with a Texas Flair

We put a lot of passion and thought into our gelato, sorbets and frozen yogurts. At SweetCup, we look forward to experimenting with different flavor profiles . We aim to redefine gelato and sorbet not just as the Italian standard of ice cream, but as an experience. We believe gelato should approachable and can be anything you want it to be! The possibilities are endless!


A trip to Italy was all it really took to fall in love with the art of Gelato and Sorbet.

Since first opening our doors in 2012, we have crafted and archived over 200 rotating recipes on a seasonal and customer request basis. We carry traditional and non-traditional flavors that are fit for any palette!

Our flavors include a Stracciatella (Italian sweet cream + chocolate chip), Bacio (chocolate-hazelnut), Vanilla Bean-Tres Leches (classic Vanilla with a South Texas twist), Toasted Black Sesame, Pomegranate Rose, and Texan Kulfi (southern spin on an Indian frozen dessert with pecans, praline, bourbon-whisky and cardamom).